Here is a complete list of services that we offer with their charges mentioned next to it.
In case, you do not know under which category your request may fall, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Setup Package:

Basic Plan                                          - Rs. 135/-
Economic Plan                                  - Rs. 200/-
Premium Plan                                   - Rs. 449/- (per visit).
Software Install/Uninstall               - Rs. 150/- (per visit).
Enterprise support                          - Contact for rates.

OS Installation and Upgrade:

O/S Installation (Single)          - Rs. 200/-
O/S Installation (Multi)           - Rs. 100/- (Extra per O/S).
O/S Downgrade/Upgrade      - Rs. 150/- (Per O/S).
Enterprise support                  - Contact for rates.

Software and Data maintenance:

Enterprise support                          - Contact for rates.

Devices and Application Setup:

Tab/Mobile/Laptop/PC setup     - Rs. 150/- per device*.
Enterprise support                       - Contact for rates.

*Only one device will be setup in personal support category. Incase, more than one device needs to be setup, request you to kindly repeat your order or contact for our Enterprise Support for rates.

Support via Remote Access:

This service comes under the Premium plan for Individual* customers wherein apart from format and installation of useful software, we provide you a full report on the root cause of the issue and the tips and tricks to avoid the same issue in future. We take the remote access of your computer and fix the issue for you.

Enterprise support                         - Contact for rates.

Note: We may ask you to accept the disclaimer during remote access as we understand the confidentiality of our customer's data.
*Customers will be charged per device per individual.

Repair and Troubleshooting:

PC Tune UP                                                         - Rs. 200/-
Create/Update/Delete Restore Point             - Rs. 100/-
System Restore                                                  - Rs. 150/-
E-mail setup (basic/free e-mails)                     - Rs. 100/-
Personal webmail/mail/e-mail setup             - Rs. 200/-

Do It Yourself (DIY PC Advice). :

Basic/Home Theatre PC                 - Rs. 150/-
Gaming PC                                        - Rs. 250/-

Enterprise support                          - Contact for rates.

Data backup and Securities:

Enterprise support                          - Contact for rates.

Virus Removal:

Virus Removal (Pendrive)*             - Rs. 75/-
Virus Removal (HDD/SSD)**          - Rs. 200/-
Virus Removal (Selected files)***  - Rs. 350/-
Enterprise support                           - Contact for rates.

*Limited to only one pendrive, maximum 128 GB.
**Limited to internal/external HDD/SSD, maximum 10 TB.
***Limited to a single root folder hierarchy. Unlimited files and folders.

Support on Call:

This service is a subscription based plan* which comes under the Basic Setup Package, where user calls in to register and once the user id and password is registered with us, they can ask unlimited questions and we will be glad to assist.

Note: *Basic plan is only limited to the installation of softwares, updates and patches.
A user may also ask how to use the pre-installed application and he will be guided thereafter from one of our best technical assistants.
##(Enterprise support does not fall under this category. However, technical assistance may be provided via call/e-mail depending upon the requirement.) Feel free to contact us at +91-9535021452.

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Request Technical Assistance

Are you worried about your sluggish computer, or the disk is constantly becoming low, whether you are a victim of virus attack or last night whole disk got wiped out. Call and let us know. We will fix your computer like charm. In case, you are not satisfied, we will return your money back. Act fast, get your devices repaired from one of the best service centers around the globe.

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